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Professional Organizers Offer Resources for Your Move

Here are some checklists and resources that may help you with your move.

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How to Sell Assets with Professionals

Whether downsizing, clearing clutter, readying for a remodel, sale of your home or just getting organized, many of your items have the possibility of another life. There are a number of avenues depending on your particular situation in dispersal of your items: to offset the cost of removing them from your space, providing an offset of tax deduction and/or assisting in funding your project. This resource outline helps you to determine the path by Auction, Estate Sale, Liquidators and Consignment Houses.

Resources for Specialty Items

All of us have accumulated and inherited collections; coins, stamps, china, posters and what about those stock certifications you uncover. Whatever the collection might be I have found there is an organization that specializes in those items or a renewed life has arisen for their use. With the birth of online sales, all collectors have now become global and in some instances devalues those items that are taking up precious space in your home, like baseball cards and Beanie Babies. On the other hand, an obscure record album with local history may show up valued at $250.00. It’s important to have all the experts on board so you don’t give that First Edition Signed Book to charity.

Donate and Recycle

Have you put things out for the trash out of frustration that charities and the recyclers have such a stringent list of what they will take or having to spend the money of two men and a truck to deliver to the charity? What about donating that expensive painting that no longer jibes with your new décor? I research and make every effort to donate and recycle all items — even that surplus medicine filling your bathrooms.

Junk Mail

Identity theft on the rise and stacks and stacks of flyers, catalogs and credit card offers — Reduce and eliminate all that paper that clogs your mail box and your dining room table.