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Move Planning and Coordination Services

Move planning and coordination services are specialties of our team of Professional Home Organizers. We provide the full range of traditional home organizer services, and we also address a need unmet by many traditional home organizers: we help people with their moves. We offering a custom, caring move package that includes pack, unpack, and put-away service. 

Moving Organizer packedWe can handle all the resources needed from appraisers for your collectibles to electronic installers for your home theater. We can also remove those items you wish to donate or consign out of the poundage you would pay to move them, get these items to your chosen recipients, often creating a tax or income benefit.

We are pros with time-saving benefits to work with the move company in facilitating how the truck is loaded to enable an efficient put-away service while the movers unload your furniture.  We can have the Master Bed and Bath, Children’s Rooms and Kitchen functional the first night.

Our team delivers the highest customer service respecting each and every piece of your belongings.  We understand all the resources needed to move and can handle each and every detail, take away the boxes and packing material leaving you only to enjoy your new home.

Packing, Unpacking and Put-Away Service

  • Family and Living Rooms
    • Arrange furniture
    • Hang art (professional resource)
  • Kitchen/Pantry
    • Fully ready-to-use kitchen
    • Logical layout by your lifestyle
    • Ribbed Shelf Liner installed in cabinets and pantry
  • Office/work spaces
    • Set up computers/cable/Wi-Fi (professional resource)
  • Den/Library/Multi-media Room
    • Books organized
    • Flat Screens/Plasmas set up (professional resource)
  • Laundry Room
    • Utility workspace set up
  • Garage/Workbench/Tool Area
  • BedroomsMoving organizer: You're Home
    • Closets: clothes hand-folded and organized by item and color
    • Beds dressed
    • Clocks & lamps set up
  • Bathrooms/Powder Rooms/Linen Closets
    • His and Hers
    • Familiar layout
    • Separate & hand-fold sheets & towels by size
  • Disposal of unneeded items
    • Transport and distribute charitable donations
    • Consignment
    • Liquidation Resource

Professional Moving Organization & Coordination

  • Complete coordination with moving company
  • Clear away clutter
  • Pack and unpack all soft goods
  • Coordinate installations and deliveries
  • Provide resources for all your specific needs

Home Organization

  • Closet organization
  • Room and space design
  • Storage analysis